Meet Jaime, the Front-End

Graphic design truly is their passion.
A portrait of Jaime's avatar wearing a suit in virtual reality.

The marketing and management half Jaime & Jamie, they work as a full-time graphic designer during the day. At night they enjoy raving in VR, and occasionally touching grass on the weekends. They also volunteer as Head of Media for Trans Academy.

If you need renders done, pictures taken, a poster, an avatar icon, or an ad for your own commissions, Jaime is the go-to!

Meet Jamie, the Unity Wizard

Recently graduated engineering student can solve nearly any Unity challenge.

The modeling and programming half of Jaime & Jamie, he's just looking to make a buzz. Gym rat by day, avalBEE by night, VRChat updates and Unity projects really make his wings flutter.

If you need from-scratch Blender modeling, model adjustments, beautiful UV unwraps, or an avatar FX system Jamie is your man!

A portrait of Jamie's beevali avatar in virtual reality.


Vape Pen 2.0Leyla by JustJaime (PC + Quest)VRC Friend Finder 2.0 -- Now with Waypoints!JustJaime Asset Assistance ServiceJustJaime Friendship Bracelet for VRCAPOL x JustJaime Earmuff/Toggle Earphones for VRCVRC Working Smoke Machine by APOLAPOL x JustJaime Optimized Vape Pen for VRC

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Avatar Icons

Designed by Jaime

Club Posters

Designed by Jaime
Disclaimer: Club posters are not-for-profit and may include composited AI illustration acquired from Adobe Stock Images.
Solve Cypher, Enter Kryptik
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